It had to be done.

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It had to be done.
The torrent of brutish stupidity finally reached flood water hieghts, dragging forth a delayed and violent convulsion. What was it about this one thing, I wondered, that suddenly dissallowed the blind eye I had been happily keeping to the filth and rabble who had clawed their unwashed way into my mailbox? At what point did the tables turn, causing my eye to jaundice and my bowels to clench? Ken, my attorney, had fallen asleep on the couch in the other room, befouling it further with his foreign secretions- but as he staggered drunkenly in, he claimed he could hear my teeth grinding from the rats nest he had made with my shower curtain.

“Take one of these, dude… you’re all screwed up. I can hear your knuckles cracking over the music.”

The thick wristed thug. The music had stopped hours ago, when we had put golf clubs through the entertainment center while trying to play nine holes in the living room. He passed me a handful of pills he had obviously extracated from between the sofa cushions- clumsily he fought with me for the lint encrusted change mixed among the unnamed, undated and obviously dangerous medication. Pills scattered, and I washed down what was left with a sluice of rum . As I chewed the lime, he read over my shoulder, and soon grew numb with shock.

“They can’t be this stupid. I mean who do they think they are dealing with, here?”

“Damn right. I say we go round these idiots up and mace them. You get the airhorn… I’m just going to write a little note…”


So, not to put too fine a point on it, but as it has been mentioned, “libertinage” has nothing – but nothing – to do with this thread.

“libertinage” is a philisophical concept (as clearly stated by mailto:[email protected] ) :

“According to de Sade, a libertine is a person that accepts no laws. So libertinage is absolute freedom to do whatever you want.”

A Libertine would never wear a collar, for he or she abides no legal, social, ethical or spiritual laws. A Libertine would never respect a collar, for another person’s claim to property or ownership means nothing. A Libertine would collar a slave only as a convenience or restraint, but never as any sort of symbol of ownership or authority. A libertine’s expectations of obedience extended as far as the reach of his arm or his influence, considering anyone who acted obediently (or any other way) out of love, honor or integrity to be beneath contempt.

With the exception of one well intentioned attempt to point out the error, this entire thread has been a long and extended excercise in the casual misuse of words and concepts and convenient mislabeling and redefining of an existing word beyond any semblance of it’s actual meaning.

Please. Stop. This is the mailing list equivalent of DWI. If you don’t know what it means…

Get a dictionary.


No Apologies

The horror.
The horror.

Exterminate the brutes.