The most loving thing…

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As usual, it starts with gratitude.

I have some people in my life who really, really rock. Not all of them know it.

Judy, my conjoined twin- she took care of me while I was very sick, and came through an intensely stressful prank of the universe retaining a grace and wisdom that most people never reach. It’s not if you scream under the hammer- it’s the shape you come out of the forge. As always, you have emerged beautiful.

Soulhuntre– who may well be a better friend than I deserve. I have been laughing for two days straight- since he hauled out to the airport at an obscene hour in the morning to pick me up and keep me company while we waited for my boi to get off hir flight two hours later. I really needed the perspective and friendship while I got my feet back under me- and there is no better man alive to watch hours of the Anna Nicole Show with. I’m still laughing.

My Boi- who really came through with flying colors in being a friend and companion when that’s what I needed, and all I needed. He may still be afraid of the water- but he was swimming pretty damn strong when I was with hir.

Tinkerbell and the Samoan- who may be the most generous people alive.

I had a mindbending and surreal visit to Las vegas on their dime, and they asked noting in return but my company. I have NO idea what’s wrong with them, but I hope they never wise up. Coupla freaks, those two.

J.K., my “stalker” – Having halloween gifts waiting for me when I returned was an unexpected and surreal bonus. Thanks for the branding iron. (How often do you get to say that?)

My friends at home- I am glad to be back, and looking forward to seeing these bastards. In particular, I need to make a shout out to Sierra and Little H, who are a couple of the most entertaining sumbitches alive. Go here and see why.

My Mother- for doing the most loving thing She does, because some of us are too stupid to learn any other way.

Thank You all.