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So- in the middle of catastrophic upheaval- some comedy.

I was deep in gut wrenching, stomach emptying hell. I had been churning up gouts of black bile. I was just a stomach, convulsively heaving up poison as fast as I was able to make it. It was, in a word, icky.

I had just gotten to the turning point- I had drank quite a lot of milk, and it had soaked up what must have been a ridiculous amount of stomach acid. When I vomited, I coughed up solid chunks. It had curdled so efficiently in the acid storm of my guts it was coming up as dumplings. This, by the way, was making me feel better, in a way. Not a good way… but a way.

My blood sugar was so high, I realize in retrospect that I was delerious- certainly not thinking clearly. I was in serious danger.

My twin (who was taking as good care of me as I would allow in my deranged state) cautiously handed me the telephone. It was Soulhuntre, with news.

In the middle of this horror, I started to laugh.

How could I not?

It was the aftershock after an earthquake. So much stress and horror, definitions of my life firebombed away like Dresden in what turned out to be a drastic turning point in my life. Everything I knew was wrong, everything was different, I was somewhere in the nieghborhood of dying. It was like sitting in a burned out building- nothing but smoke and ruin…

And somebody hits you with a rubber chicken.


What Ken told me about was this:

> Hi there,

> For many of you, this is the first time you have heard from me in a

> while and you are probably wondering “what the ?”.

> Fact is, recent

> events cause me to cut off all communication with a) anyone still

> interacting with Matt on a social basis and b) those still involved with

> the public scene.

> Matt (aka Flagg) had found out that I was working on an outwardly

> vanilla relationship with a guy named Mark and working on a professional

> career (you know, the ones where you work and then get a paycheck and

> then pay all of your bills…I’m sure the whole notion is quite foreign

> to him).

> Anyway, he found out Mark’s last name and called his ex-girlfriend to

> try to get information about him.

> Matt told her all sorts of “sick

> stories,” referring to The Estate website and, (the

> site that Sierra and I built for him).

> Apparently, Mark has also been

> receiving harassing emails at his work. The possible threat to his job

> was too much for Mark to reconcile and he has ended our relationship.

> The good news is that my new place is far enough away from Mark’s that

> we probably won’t run into each other very often, as that would be

> extremely awkward.

> I’m very angry and hurt, but I feel bad for Mark,

> having never asked for this kind of harassment.

> For those of you who are still in contact with Matt

> you can tell him that he wins

> he got what he wanted: I’m hurt and angry and I’m gone.

> Feel free to spread the word.

I laughed. It made everything make sense. It was absurd.

After I recovered, I took another look at it.

I’ve been quiet about this person, l kept my personal feelings silent while she raged at what she considers to be an unfair and hostile universe, where “Karma cannot happen fast enough”. In general, I’ll continue to do so.

But seeing as this was a public announcement, I’ll simply respond here.

If someone DID do this to her and her boyfriend, it was a shitty and miserable thing to do. I did no such thing. I literally had no idea about her life- and honestly, could not have cared less.

But personally, I doubt it happened.

Let alone the fact that I had no idea, and no concern. Let alone that I had been in Seattle for the last two weeks- and never interacted with anyone in her circle of friends in any case. Let alone no evidence can (or ever will) be offered. Let alone that I simply don’t care.

If there is truth up there, it’s that a relationship did not work out, and someone to blame- someone who one feels “deserves it” for crimes real and imagined is obviously the best way to strike out at the unfair universe.

I’m genuinely sorry things did not work out….

but this- this is silly.