Good weekend…

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Things are looking up.

My animal had to go to the vet friday and get three of it’s wisdom teeth pulled, but that did not turn into the horrorshow we were afraid of. A good and grounding convesation with the new trainee tells me that her head is where it should be, and I’ll have her attendance at the Halloween party, as well as over winter break. My beastie Tink showed her head and we got down to some brass tacks that we needed to get to- and I think that there is a solid foundation to resume some of the more important parts of our association, based on who we are – not who we were. I saw my boy, and he’s stitching his life together, looking good and standing taller than I have ever seen. Read stories to the kids at the Ageplay party, and looks on a few faces when I blessed them with The Hapless Child were just… priceless. I had dinner with The Big Mosquito, Tee, Starts1 and Fallenangel- we covered a lot of ground, including my place, and that of my animal, at TES fest this year. I am really enjoying getting to know them.

Gearing up for the BoD meeting, the raceplay meeting on tuesday and the TES Halloween party this weekend. I think I have an appropriate costume.

I’m going to be busy.