Note to self:

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If you only THINK you are over the flu, don’t kid yourself. Saves you DAYS of bedridden nastiness. Not that it was not a nice Xmas party- but ugh. back to bed.


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Beginning to feel better, after about two weeks of of-and-on illness. This last three days appeared to have been the worst of it. Nothing life threatening, but incpacitating, feverish stomach-heaving ickiness. On the good side, I appear to have made Soulhuntre ill by virtual proxy- the telephone. One conversation, and he’s heaving up buckets. My dark powers manifest- don’t cross …

Oh, the shame….

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Last night was my presentation on Objectification, Humiliation and Degradation at TES. I was a little worried, as it’s such a touchy subject- I did not know if there was even going to be a turnout. I don’t remember it’s being addressed at TES since I’ve been a member- roughly a decade. I was a little concerned. No need. I …