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After a few days of struggle, and leaning heavily on Soulhuntre for home functionality triage, I have had a day to myself in comfort. Irishlass crashed here last night, helping out and keeping an eye on things as I settled in;and since then i have been wheeling around in my powered wheelchair, giving my leg a rest and indulging in …

feelin’ kinda poorly today,,,

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… but getting the following fom a friend was cheering: “I was mentioning at a birthday party over the weekend that you’dwritten a story that was recently published in Heavy Metal.  My friendAndrew said that he had a subscription, and asked what story you’dwritten.  “Family Man,” I said.  He looked thoughtful, but couldn’tquite place it.  I then said “The baby …

This one’s for Ah_Pook

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“The Dragon Lives Again” from 1977 Bruce goes to hell after he dies and, assisted by Popeye the Sailor and The One Armed Boxer, battles against James Bond, Dracula, Clint Eastwood, Zatoichi, The Godfather, The Exorcist, and Emanuelle!