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After a few days of struggle, and leaning heavily on Soulhuntre for home functionality triage, I have had a day to myself in comfort. Irishlass crashed here last night, helping out and keeping an eye on things as I settled in;and since then i have been wheeling around in my powered wheelchair, giving my leg a rest and indulging in a nesting, housecleaning frenzy.

My home. My space. Mine. Me. Mine.


  • I am SOOO very happy for you.

    We are in the midst of packing a truck to move from FL to TN…hearing this though almost overcomes that exhaustion.

    Congratulations and well done.

    warmest regards,



  • Awesome! šŸ™‚

  • Good.

  • woot.

  • Most magnifico, sahib.

  • That is fantastic. I cannot even imagine how good that must feel. You are a stronger man than I am, and I am glad knowing you have a network of good friends around you who look out for you.

  • And no “yooohooo”

    Welcome home!!

  • Welcome Home Flagg šŸ™‚

  • I’m just grinning as I read this. What great news. There really is no place like home. Welcome home, Flagg. May it be a place of peace and recovery and comfort.

  • Welcome home Flagg.

  • glad you are home and settling in. šŸ™‚