Another Good Day

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Today was spent brainstorming with Soulhuntre and Lone_Wolf on the Seminar project- a six week course on Dominance and Protocol. It’s coming together- it’s tight, it’s real. It’s the  best thing we’ve ever done.If we see this through- and we will- I think it’s going to matter. It feels very, very right. And it feels good to be thinking, writing, …

American Beauty

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i am so fucking lucky. I am blessed with such ruin, and such glory. And such poetry.I am so grateful “for every moment of my stupid little life.You may have no idea what I mean… …but you will.” Thank you.

Round and Round she goes….

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Tomorrow  AM, I meet Kate at Rogosin and we get tested to see if she is a potential donor. This is the first flaming hoop of many- but I am profoundly grateful that she is willing to try, and potentially alter her life for my benefit, regardless of the verdict. Here we go again.

The perfect answer at the perfect time….

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From a crazy fundamentalist website: Dinosaurs didn’t eat meat. They ate plants the Creator provided for them, no doubt in a form, texture and consistency befitting their tooth structure. I reject your claim that the dinosaurs went extinct before mankind appeared. This is mythology with no basis in fact, and assumes veracity of highly flawed dating methods. For as many …

Out of the Blue

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Phone rings. It’s the Rogosin transplant clinic. “We wanted to tell you that your donor has passed screening so we’d like to make an appointment for you both to come in.”“What?” I’m confused as we start discussing dates, I’m on autopilot. I finally connect two synapses, and ask “Um… which donor are we speaking of?” She tells me. I had …

Arterial Addendum:

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Thanks to everyone in The Network, the saftey-net-hive-mind that, for some reason, conspires to keep me alive and well. Had this been an actual emergency, it’s comforting to know you are out there. Special thanks to Jay, who trucked out to help return my kitchen to a state which does not resemble a scene from American Psycho.

Arterial Spray

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So, as I am making dinner, I feel a little damp. I look down and note that my bandage from dialysis has come loose… and I am pumping a spray of vitae all over my kitchen. Not enough to worry about, but more than enough to make my kitchen look like a crime scene. Crap- now i have to figure …

What Now?

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So, I did a little research. Florida has the shortest waiting list in the country,roughly two years, and is not impossibly far. Nicole is down there, which MIGHT be able to help with being accompanied. So, I’m starting to look into the various complications and needs. It’s a longshot, a lot of work, travel and expense- but It’s better than …


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The Swamp Witch is on her way- checking in on her extended family then making her way back to her Florida home. She was heartbroken that she was not allowed to donate me the kidney- it hit her far harder than it did me, in fact.  It was a good feeling to have her around again, and I only had …

A prayer to my Mother; a gift from a friend

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“Bow to Mahakali if you see a vulture, a she-jackal, a raven, an osprey, a hawk, a crow or a black cat, saying: ‘O Origin of all, greatly terrifying one, with dishevelled hair, fond of flesh offering, charming one of Kulachara, I bow to you, Shankara’s beloved! ‘ “ “O Mother, even a dullard becomes a poet who meditates upon …