Wonderous gifts and little mysteries

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I have received two anonymous gifts in the mail over the last two weeks… I have a strong suspicion about where the Joyce Carol Oates film came from, as we have shared her work before, but the sharp, sharp shiny one has left me at a loss. If you are responsible for either of these wonderful, thoughtful things- please let …

I dreamed of walking

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Easily. No cane. Long distances. With friends. Outside. No pain. No exhaustion. Walking. I’m on antidepressants and I still feel like throwing myself under a bus.I’m so tired of this body, of being sick. So tired. This sucks.

A return to stability

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My glasses found, order in my environs is restored- thanks to Kimiko and Soulhuntre. In addition, I have gotten word that my first vendor wants to sell The Forked Tongue, and that the Core Protocol Seminar is ready to launch. I am a much happier camper.