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In the jungleOf the sensesTinkerbell… and Jack the RipperLove has no meaningNot where we come fromBut we know pleasureIs not that simpleVery littleFruit is forbiddenSometimes we wobbleSometimes we’re strongBut you know EvilIs an exact scienceBeing carefully, correctly wrong. Priests and cannibalsPrehistoric animalsEverybody happy when the dead come homeBig black nemesisParthenogenisisNo one move a muscle when the dead come home. We …

Wonderous gifts and little mysteries

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I have received two anonymous gifts in the mail over the last two weeks… I have a strong suspicion about where the Joyce Carol Oates film came from, as we have shared her work before, but the sharp, sharp shiny one has left me at a loss. If you are responsible for either of these wonderful, thoughtful things- please let …

I dreamed of walking

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Easily. No cane. Long distances. With friends. Outside. No pain. No exhaustion. Walking. I’m on antidepressants and I still feel like throwing myself under a bus.I’m so tired of this body, of being sick. So tired. This sucks.

A return to stability

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My glasses found, order in my environs is restored- thanks to Kimiko and Soulhuntre. In addition, I have gotten word that my first vendor wants to sell The Forked Tongue, and that the Core Protocol Seminar is ready to launch. I am a much happier camper.

Stand Down

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Stand down- Rogosin called, the donor pancreas/ kidney were not in good enough shape for transplant. Still- it is nice to know they are actively looking, and doing the job. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Deep Breath…

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Ok. I just got a call from the Kidney People at Rogosin.They have a potential kidney/ pancreas donor going under the knife tomorrow. If they call, I go in for a new kidney/ pancreas set. Tomorrow. I won’t know until then. Maybe 10 AM. Possibly surgery around 4:30. I’ll find out tomorrow. Oh, yeah, I’m gonna sleep.


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Someone i love very, very much is in hell. There is not really anything I can do. I am afraid of how this is going to turn out. I am am afraid for her, and i am afraid of losing her. I am afraid.