Words have power.

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Phrases get caught in my skull and bounce around until they turn into stories, or find a context to attach themselves to to unlock their significance.
A good friend of mine summed up my life as a “quest to put the right word in the right ear at the right time.” This will never be the right ear, or the right time.
I may never find the right word. But I’ll put words up here, because they have to go somewhere. Snippets of writing, links, quotes, rants- or just phrases, sentances of significance.

Cyphers to be unlocked.

Thanks to Soulhuntre for hooking up my Blog. he’ll doubtless regret it- because he will COMPULSIVELY check my blog, compelled to come sniffing after these truffles growing up from my subconcious… and will doubtless be endlessly, frustratingly, consistently dissapointed.

This makes me smile.