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Having caught up on my sleep, there are a few things that need saying, publically:

My staff was amazing.
Soulhuntre, Tatsumi, Sierra, Tink, Kimiko and Mosquito Pete all went well past what I could have hoped for. If anything went well at all, it is simply because they worked so unspeakably hard, so well together, and with such a deliberate intent to make certain things were done RIGHT.

While I ran around madly trying to wrangle the necessary items and co-operation from Upper management (Lolita, Dov, Catelynn: Thank you- the three of you were impeccable, at least as far as my department ws concerned)
A great deal of managerial responsibility fell to Tatsumi and Sierra, especially while I was presenting at the hotel a couple of times on saturday. They were TREMENDOUS. Every crisis that raised it’s head, they handled. There were a few snags, NOTHING went without a hitch- but in the vast majority of these cases, our presenters felt well taken care of. (To those that did not, I apologize for any oversights or inconvenience I may have caused.) A few people OUTSIDE my department lent a hand without even being asked: Dov, Sensei, Sir C and her girl Gardenia, Midori’s boi Puck, two strangers and a fine gentleman from the Men’s Dinner come to mind. Thank you as well, there was always more work to be done.

Many of the presenters are deserving of thanks as well- after some unexpected changes to the curriculum, many handled things with a grace and ability to accomodate the changes and crises without complaint- and often quite helpfully. Midori, Angelover, and David and Kate come to mind, among others. Thank you all.

For my staff, thank you. For the others who pitched in, thank you.
For those I had to work with and under- thank you.

The list of people who need to go to hell is also long- but this is simply not the time.