Violent Love

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It made me wonder: “How do scorpions fuck without killing each other?” The answer of course, is- often, they don’t. Males and females find each other by vibration, scent and touch. During mating, the sensory pectines under the body are used to find a suitable place for the male to deposit his sperm parcel – the spermatophore. The male and …

Meisterwereke In Stahl

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DOVO Raisermesser sind im Vergleich zu modernen Klingenapparaten bis auf wenige Ausnahmen aus einem schnitthaltigen, jedoch nicht rostgeschutzem Stahl und bedurfen sorgfaltiger Pfledge, d.h. sie sind nach Gebrauch stets zu reinigen und trocken zu wischen. bei langerer Lagerung sollten sie leicht gefettet sein. Danke, tier.

ter·ri·ble adj

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1. Causing great fear or alarm; dreadful: a terrible bolt of lightning; a terrible curse. 2. Extremely formidable: terrible responsibilities. 3. Extreme in extent or degree; intense: “the life for which he had paid so terrible a price” (Leslie Fiedler). 4. Unpleasant; disagreeable: had a terrible time at the party; terrible food. 5. Very bad: a terrible actor.

New Years Day

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New Years is one of my Holy days. It’s the day of my Mother, of death and rebirth. And true to form, that’s exactly what it was. It’s like a tooth getting pulled after a few days… I am tonguing the socket where the tooth was, but the pain is mostly gone. It’s really been healing over for a while …

New Years Wisdom:

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If you hosted a New Year’s party, well, you are probably still wading through flaming pizza boxes, empties of every descripton, unconcious guests, and peeling dried condoms off the walls. (If you are not, what kinda party was that? Wuss.) A wise man and absent friend of mine sent along some post-apocolyptic New Years party cleanup tips. As he is …