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Fallout was to be expected.

Insanity, however, is always a surprise.

People say and think terrible things when they are hurt. I remind myself of that to try and keep some perspective while they savage someone who was important to them, who is important to me.

It’s the same old saw. It’s the same old outrage and angst, with the same old justifications:

If you leave, you never loved at all.
If you say you did, you are lying. If you ever said you did, you therefore were always lying.
If you don’t agree, you can’t be listening.
I’m in pain- so you must be made to suffer for it.

Grow up, people.

So yes, I’m tired. It’s an enormous drain on my animal, and there is only so much I can do to help. There is an concerted effort going on to turn love to hate, and if they keep it up, that’s exactly what they will get.
But in the end, it really does not matter how tired I am.

What matters is that I provide a home for myself and my animal.
Background noise is, in the end, irrelevant.