Open Wide..

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So, it’s been a long few months.

I have not updated Innuendo in some time- mostly because the gibbering monkey that was stealing my change was checking it for things to trot to his lawyer. It’s not really a shock, as he was showing up with him everywhere he knew we’d be in the same place, often carrying a camera. Seanbaby, font of wisdom and spirit guide, pretty much covered their antics, seek his wisdom.

A final note, before I move on:

I made a promise a few posts back. I keep my promises.

Here comes trouble…
Open wide.

But before I roll on to other topics, (My animal, the upcoming visit of my twin, and the TES Elections) I have some thank you’s.

Thank you to The Big Mosquito, for being Da Man. “If you want to be da man, you gotta beat da Man…”  and that I could not do- and I’m glad of it. More on that during The Election Follies, coming soon.

My appreciation to J.K, my number one fan. Hungry for what table scraps I throw her, and sends me delightful tribute. Maybe one day I’ll spit on her.

Finally, thank you to Soulhuntre for going above and beyond, helping me take care of me and mine, keeping an eye on my animal and always making me laugh. A far better man than the Ms. Boards will ever appreciate. (But then, they are not terribly big on men over there. Apparently, we’re bad.)

Finally: This is so funny I can hardly breathe.