Because Monkeys Love buttons

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After all the drama of Saturday, Monday was a welcome change. After dialysis I made my way into the city and spent the day in Central Park in good company- some of my favorite people were there; and I met a couple of new ones, some of who I really took to.Most of all, it was peaceful. I was not …

My point exactly

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from a leading BDSM activist:  “What I don’t get is why people who also claim they have  their slaves’ best  interests at heart, get so riled up about SSC.”I do not get riled up by SSC. I get riled up byleading statements like this: “Or… well, all you have  to do is read the NCSF Media Update and you’ll see  there …

I don’t know what to do with anger.

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I don’t anger easily, and I am often at a loss regarding how to handle it. Right now, I am channeling rage. Old rage. I met with someone I had pushed out of my life about two decades ago. I’m sure she thought it went well, that a new era of love and acceptance is being heralded in. Good for …

The Men’s Group

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I am more and more pleased with the evolution of the Men’s Group at TES. When I first took it over, it was an afterthought, and a catch-all for lonely, dispossed TES members with nothing better to do. Four, five attendees at most. Soon it was thriving, with up to twenty men in atttendance at a time… and genuine discussions …

Comfortably numb

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Novocaine is my friend. I just began the real meat of my dental oddessy. I was grateful for the numbness, and have been through medical procedures which were much worse in the recent past – but I still came away with this conclusion: Dental work should never involve hammers.

Feedback, please.

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I’m presenting a new seminar at TES soon- “I’m Only Human”… Rationalizations, Excuses,  and Passive Aggressive D/S and I’m gathering my notes. I’d like to ask:  From either side of the leash, what excuses, behaviors or rationalizations make you craziest? Bother you most? Or come most easilty? Either comment or forward me your observations confidentially. The next step after this will …

Internet, how I hate you

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I may have found it… the motha-load, the Source, the dark, beating, cancerous heart of the Beast of Mediocrity. Certain sorts of websites are bad enough, catering to the oreo-stuffing, self aggrandizing, overblown and hyper-poetic “BDSM” crowd- the masses, the bottom of the barrel, the lowest common denominator. These horrific sites tend to promote the worst concepts and basest premises …