I have not been able to say this in a long time:

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I had a good day, and thanks to my brothers, am going to bed happy. Thanks also to Sweetcandymike, who continues to win my respect. And to the jackass sitting next to me during the meeting, for reminding me how badly some people need to be removed from society and set adrift on the jackass ice flow- thank you for …

It’s Official

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I am now listed on the nationwide “Gimme your fuckin’ kidney” network, which will allow Rogosin to go ahead and begin testing my donor. Hurry the fuck up, please.

Listen Up, You Medevil Screwheads… THIS is my BOOM STICK!

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: Cue music from “Brazil”:So, nothing happened. I jumped through the hoops, I juggled the chainsaws, gave blood, got irradiated, EKG, EEG, PDQ, yadda yadda yadda… Nothing. My co-ordinator who handles my donor never received notice that I passed my tests; even though I already had. So… nothing can happen. No scheduling, Nicole can’t come north- nothing happens. Two weeks …


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I’m tired. I’m tired of this body and it’s increasing uselesness. I’m tired of hurting. I’m tired of being tired, all the time. I’m tired of what depression and isolation are doing to me to make everything worse, everything harder. I’m tired of the brave face. I don’t think I can even keep being Parlimentarian at TES. I like my …

In My Mother’s House

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Just another reminder that my Mother loves fighters as much as she despises cowards and weaklings. I am, again, the luckiest man I know. I need to send someone some red, red candy.

Another Step Closer

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Got word back from my cardiologist: I have a transplant green light. All my tests, even the unexpected ones, came back good enough to proceed. He’ll send the report to Rogosin- 24, maybe 48 hours. Rogosin starts scheduling tests on the Swamp Witch, which brings her north to stay awhile. Meantime, I’ve started to make headway on getting a home …