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I’m running American Beauty, which, in my world, may be the perfect movie. This time I ran the director/writer commentary. I found out something obvious, but amazing nonetheless: It’s perfect. But it might not have been. There are elements of the original script which were wisely dropped, along with music, entire scenes- the whole impact of the film would have …

Flaming Hoops and Giant Steps

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Word from Rogosin– they want to meet with me for a psych eval, as well as with my potential donor. It’s farther than we got last time…The Core Protocol Seminar is finished, and the website should be up in a day or two- we may be able to start as early as next week. Righteous. Feedback on TFT is beginning …

Two weeks, more or less.

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The online Core Protocol Seminar is ready to roll. A few alterations at, and we can start taking preorders. Thirty page book, six week course, high interaction and a working core protocol by the end. It’s good stuff. I’m pleased with it. More details as they gel.