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Just bought myself a birthday present. I’m walking a little taller already. Have my eye on one more thing- the ideal piece of jewelery. It’s pricey- but I think I’m going to get it. I need to make sure my limited budget can handle it, as I have to get some clothes for TES Fest and yet continue to feed …

Thank you

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For the birthday wishes. It’s shaping up to be the first good summer in a long, long time. And TES Fest is going to be great.


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Finished the third draft of The Forked Toungue, incorporating rdits, corrections and rewrites. To everyone who helped me make this happen- thank you. I hope to have copies ready for TES Fest. Wow.

Acknowledgement and gratitude

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Wow. I had no idea. I’m midway through the edits on Chapter 4 of The Forked Tongue… and I am overwhelmed by the amount of work that redhead_sue was willing to invest in the course of editing this beast. I expected a few grammatical errors and some typos- but the real boogeymen are bad grammatical/ typing habits I had no …

Dental Hijinx

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So, I look like a Little Rascals sight gag. Long overdue dental overtures have begun- I’ll be presentable in a couple of weeks,  but at the moment… well, my lisp is almost as amusing as my smile.  Such as it is. In the meantime, I’m going to find me a rocking chair an a porch an’ a jug o’ hooch …

Paging Dr. House….

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It’s not that bad, it’s just frustrating how long it took to figure out. Part of the joy of the whole “no kidneys” thing is itching and blemishes when my phosphorus level gets too high. Over the past few months it’s gotten worse- and when i told the doctors, that’s what they addressed. With no useful results. Finally, I pestered …

Hupping through hoops

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Ok, got the next appt. out of the way- the psyche eval that Rogosin requires to ensure that if someone were to give me a vital organ, I am not self-destructive or stupid enough to waste it. recently i heard about an aquaintance of a friend who did just that- got a juicy new kidney, and promptly drank himself back …

Running with the Pack

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Well, more like wheeling and limping. but that’s not the point. I got the chance to get out with Soulhuntre, Lone Wolf, Njlexi, Tatsumi, Kimiko, and Serafin. We trekked out to see iron Man. The movie was essentially perfect- I loved everything about it- but that that was really secondary to being out, and out with family. The knuckle dragging …