This is not for everyone. the only people in this group are people whom, over the last two weeks or so, I have hurt. You are all owed apologies, and more than that you are owed an explaination.

I was put on some new meds in preperation for possible transplant. In my exitement i did not inquire into possible side effects.

I have spent the last two weeks in increasing ricichets of giddiness and unfounded rage. i chalked it up to blood sugar… I had no real awareness of how out of control I was getting. I have been off it for two days, and am startibng to recall my actions in more objective clarity.

if you are reading this, I treated you terribly, for no good reason.

I am so sorry.

I’ve spent a long time trying to build these relationships. I’ve damaged them, perhaps irreparably, and the reputations of those who have associated themselves with me.

it was not their fault.

To all of you- i’m so sorry.