TES Fest Impact

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God damn. I got to talk to a lot of people while heading up safety in the playspace, many from BR, some from GMSMA, other groups, other cities. They told me that they could not even talk about doing the things we were doing in the playspace and the Madison room without lynchings and firefights. LthrEdge stated that he was …

Fear and Loathing at TES Fest

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Part One:The Majestic Glacier Sweet creeping Jesus, people… if my fragmented memories of what occured are even a whisper of the blasphemous truths which might have happened, let us pray that none of us ever recovers all our faculties. The unwelcome flashbacks I am having are unwholesome at best, and unamerican in every sense- visons of madness and lingere abuse …

I don’t normally memem, but….

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Curiosity prompted me. I don’t have 23 posts on LJ, so I went to Innuendo (http://weblog.foolish-house.com/)- my weblog. 23 posts in and 5 lines down: “Take one of these, dude… you’re all screwed up. I can hear your knuckles cracking over the music.” So, true to meme form: 1.Go into your LJ’s archives. 2.Find your 23rd post (or closest to). …

You know…

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I have a lot of respect for them all. A lot of regard. But sometimes they piss me the fuck off, and I can’t say dick about it. This job does have it’s drawbacks.

Note to self:

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If you only THINK you are over the flu, don’t kid yourself. Saves you DAYS of bedridden nastiness. Not that it was not a nice Xmas party- but ugh. back to bed.


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Beginning to feel better, after about two weeks of of-and-on illness. This last three days appeared to have been the worst of it. Nothing life threatening, but incpacitating, feverish stomach-heaving ickiness. On the good side, I appear to have made Soulhuntre ill by virtual proxy- the telephone. One conversation, and he’s heaving up buckets. My dark powers manifest- don’t cross …

Oh, the shame….

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Last night was my presentation on Objectification, Humiliation and Degradation at TES. I was a little worried, as it’s such a touchy subject- I did not know if there was even going to be a turnout. I don’t remember it’s being addressed at TES since I’ve been a member- roughly a decade. I was a little concerned. No need. I …


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My life is full of gifts. The gift is not the way cool icon, so much as it is the exceptional people who have become part of my life. people I can trust, kin… and they tape Oz and send me way cool icons to boot. “An aquaintance is someone who will help you move. A friend is someone who …