Truth and Facts

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When the Estate speaks, Sir C brings up somethingwhich should never be forgotten:

She talks about the difference between Truth and Fact.

She explains some of the perceptual difficulties that some servants experience, seperating ther feelings from their realities. For amusement, one of her examples involves me.

Flagg” she said “Thinks he is the reincarnation of Cleopatra. For him, this is the truth.

This does not, however, make it a fact.

Ones’ subjective experience is undoubtedly the truth. That does not however, make it a fact in any objective sense.


  • ok, that was almost enough to make me spew coca-cola out my nose šŸ™‚

    ‘night Flagg *laugh*

  • Indiana Jones brought up the same thing when discussing archaeology.

  • I get stuck in trying to figure out what the relationship between “truth” and “fact” actually is or should be. I’m most comfortable with a fairly close relationship, but unfortunately, comfort can also be limiting.