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I’m lucky enough to have lots of people popping up for my freinds list, but I have not approved you all. Please don’t take it personally. As I get to know you a little better, I’ll be happy to reciprocate- but I do use the friends-only function, and need to have more than a nodding aquaintance to open it up.

  • Thanks for the note, Flagg. (Being one of the newly-popped people, I can assume that you are, in part, speaking to me.)

    I have always enjoyed foolish-house, and what I’ve read of you on the myriad lists I’ve belonged to over the last few years. Daddy’s respect/like for you helps, too šŸ™‚

    I look forward to reading your non-friends-only posts.


    • Ta Daa…

      You are ON my freinds list, Imp.

      Anybody who licks Ah Pook’s boots and is a friend of Jo’s is already family enough for me.

      • Re: Ta Daa…

        You are ON my freinds list, Imp.

        Thank you šŸ™‚

        Anybody who licks Ah Pook’s boots

        Mmm, as often as I’m allowed!

        already family enough for me

        I’m honored, thank you.

  • Well, I see you’ve added me. You’re one of those people I always wish I got to know better when I still lived in NY. I’ve always valued your advice on certain matters.

  • Thanks