Oh, the shame….

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Last night was my presentation on Objectification, Humiliation and Degradation at TES.

I was a little worried, as it’s such a touchy subject- I did not know if there was even going to be a turnout. I don’t remember it’s being addressed at TES since I’ve been a member- roughly a decade. I was a little concerned.

No need.

I had a fantastic crowd, enthusiastic, interested and engaged; so many I ended up short on handouts. Soulhuntre and kimi showed up, and there were a lot of friendly, supportive people there. The feedback I have gotten is overwhelmingly positive… so it looks like this one is going to be a keeper.

Even better, there were a handful of pro-dommes in attendance, who are all interested in my Mindplay lecture series coming up at Purple Passion. Spread the word, ladies. (Now I just have to make sure the booklets are printed in time.)

Thank you to everyone who made it out- it was a good nioght for me, due to you.

  • great, wish I could have been there, but this month is rough on money and time.

    glad to hear you had a good turnout. The next time Trish will be making a public appearance is most likely at the Sunday play party thingy.

  • A while ago I saw on the TES web site that you were giving that lecture. Made me smile. I’m glad it went well.


  • You were so ON! And so organized with your thoughtts. Loved your anecdotes. I am a Fan Of Flagg!

    Side note to Fans Of Flagg:
    He’ll be presenting at TES Fest: http://www.tesfest.org

    • Hmm, I guess I’m a Fan o’Flagg. I was thinking Flunky o’ Flagg, but that’s only an aspiration. 😉


  • I am thrilled to hear things went well. I really need to keep begging S to take me to one of the TES functions when you speak. Or heck for that matter to just allow me into the city so we can have a cup of coffee 🙂

    He seems to hate going back into the city after working there all week, but gosh it stinks that we don’t live that far apart and i have yet to make it there to meet ya.