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Beginning to feel better, after about two weeks of of-and-on illness. This last three days appeared to have been the worst of it. Nothing life threatening, but incpacitating, feverish stomach-heaving ickiness.

On the good side, I appear to have made Soulhuntre ill by virtual proxy- the telephone. One conversation, and he’s heaving up buckets.
My dark powers manifest- don’t cross me, mortals, lest I will you ill-to-do viral juju.

  • Sorry to hear that, best wishes for getting well

    I know what that feels like. Last winter my dorm floor was quarantined for Norwalk-like viruses. Mine wasn’t 2 weeks long, but ickiness is too familiar. If it makes you feel better, I have all this vacation time(off from college till January 4) and all I can do is study, write essays and prepare for upcoming finals(which oddly enough come after New Years, damn Harvard professors). Anyway, will add you to my well wishings list for getting better. Hopefully you will be up, around, and well enough to ring in the New Year with some real fun.

    -Patrick aka Truthseeker

  • Glad to here you are on the mend.
    I know that both Tone and I are fighting chest colds for the third time this year.
    Damn holiday stress.

    Hope to see or speak with you soon.

  • good to hear from you. One worries…

  • I’m not sick, but I’m sure after reading your entry I’ll come up with the plague or something… I wonder if you’ll be out tonight…

  • Glad you are feeling a bit better…. hopefully the worst of it is over and done and will never repeat itself.