Note to self:

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If you only THINK you are over the flu, don’t kid yourself.

Saves you DAYS of bedridden nastiness.

Not that it was not a nice Xmas party- but ugh.

back to bed.

  • After a few days, I thought I was ok to go to work.

    I barely made it through the first full workday, and only half of the second.

    Then I was out for the next two consecutive workdays (with a weekend in between).

    And *still* (that was the week *before* Christmas) there is an asthmatic hitch in my breathing, and a cough associated with that. I still have to walk slowly, and take frequent rests. I still can’t handle any kind of cardiovascular workout (it’s been three damned *weeks* for that!!!).

    The flu. I don’t have enough bad things to say about having it.

    I *do* have enough *good* thoughts for you in getting over it quickly, however.

  • hope you’re on the mend soon. perhaps some chicken soup will kill the flu.