TES Fest Impact

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God damn.

I got to talk to a lot of people while heading up safety in the playspace, many from BR, some from GMSMA, other groups, other cities. They told me that they could not even talk about doing the things we were doing in the playspace and the Madison room without lynchings and firefights. LthrEdge stated that he was glad to finally get to present his program, rather than pass it on informally, in bits and pieces. We did topics so touchy we got shit before they happened. I was told “You have created the most progressive playspace on the East Coast.”

Well, we did, yes.

Saftey rewrote the rules. Jeff made a vital change that made them possible, and saw them through. Susan Wright gave the NCSF blessing. The executive committee gave the nod. Lolita fought for her edgeplay program, and for her presenters. Special Events busted their asses to make sure that certain things could happen…

These people were fucking fearless.

And these things, all together, have made a difference.

I have never been, and will never be “an activist”. But I do feel very, very proud of what we achieved, and the precedents we set.

This event mattered.
God damn.