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I was tipped off about a conversation regarding The Estate at:


The “Honest D/s” discussion board.
Their opinions were pretty set, but they posed a few questions, which I entered a post in order to answer. It was a polite post, talking about what we are trying to do, some of the troubles we have… honest, polite, non- confrontational. It went up without a problem, typos and all.

What I did not realize was that the questions were hypothetical. They did not want answers or feedback, the questions were posed to make points- not in any actual curiosity about the topic. I found this out by noting that my post was taken down, and both Soul and I banned from posting.

Well, it is their list, and they can run it as they see fit.

Perhaps they should rename it, though.


  • “Honest D/s: if you agree with us then your opinions are allowed here” community would be a bit of a mouthful and a lot to type.

  • You know, when I saw the thread I couldn’t help but laugh.
    Some people just don’t get it. Eh everyone is allowed to be clueless if they so choose.

  • ::sigh::

    Some people just don’t get it and probably never will.

    But out of my own curiosity – Do you get many trainees?
    And how well does theory translate to practice?

  • oh joy. how very special. i’m sorry to hear that.

    ah well…

  • LOL after reading their posts it seems to me the only type of submissive that is real is a sexual one. Service does not seem to be the focus of anyone, and while it is true that service submissives are not a very common breed, you would think they would at least lend credence to the fact that there are people out there that would want the sort of training and objectification, etc that The Estate, etc would offer. To me, closeminded people like that are the types that give many others a bad name as they tend to give off the wrong information to many people. On top of it, the part where they were scorning “educational talks at groups” shows where there knowledge base is. If the only community you can have and learn from is online when you have so many real time based places to learn, then obviously these are people I would never associate with as I doubt any skill whatsoever from them. Pardon the rant….just having my first cup of coffee and got a bit ticked off đŸ™‚

    • I think it was the objectification that bothered them, they seem to be more of the parent/child sort of D/s crowd.

      They don’t seem to see that other types of D/s exist.

      • well it is the type of person who cannot open their eyes to different forms of expression and desires that cause so much strife within any sort of community. It is great to know your kink and your area of interest but to shun others because theirs is different is just ignorant and shows a lack of respect. I am all for parent/child…I have a mommy and a Daddy in Jonathan and Miss Cleo, yet they are more to me. At the same time there are areas that I could never get into, but to be insulting to them is to try to invalidate their desires and who has the right to do that?

  • A friend of mine here on LJ IMed me with this:
    I was going to post my regrets to flaggestate, as well as interest in reading his original response, but he doesn’t allow non-friend posting. if you get a chance, could you convey my respects?
    from cherishedelf

    Thought you might be interested in knowing.

  • It’s good to know…

    that at least i am in good company. I was banned from there about a month ago for posting something they did not like. Not sure what exactly i said that bothered them, but it amused me to be banned from a group of folks. Now i know i am in good company with you and Soul đŸ™‚

  • I read the post, and I found it interesting. Some of it annoyed me (what’s with putting the word “educational” in the sentence “I hear they give ‘educational’ talks” in quotes?!) and some of it amused me (those that just assumed that the Estate couldn’t exist or was a fake website). But what really pissed me off was when I read that your post was taken down and you were banned. These people had a right to discuss your website and practices — they are public, after all. But they asked valid questions (such as “how can it only cost that much?”) and made accusations (including that the site was fake, that there were typos) and seemed to genuinely question the policies of the Estate. I would truly think they would be interested to hear your reply, and even appreciative that the subject of their discussion took the time to draft a reply. That kind of group, who only want “our type” drives me crazy.