Candidate’s Statement

In The Doubtful Guest by flagg3 Comments

Despite myself, TES is still important to me. Sometimes I feel like I should know better- but when it comes down to it, I don’t.

Election time is coming up, and I am running to resume/continue my post as parlimentarian. Being presiding officer is a better fit for me than voting member ever was- despite how frustrating it is on occasion.

This is my pitch- my candidate’s statement:

“I wish to continue acting as Presiding Officer for the TES Board.

I was asked why I wished to take this position by a few people last year. “Why? Isn’t it better to be a voting BoD member?”

Maybe it is. But this is where my talents are best used. Setting agendas, facilitating productive action and directing conversation to keep it on- topic and relevant, objective mediation and focusing a diverse Board of Directors on actionable solutions is the most effective use of my time that I can offer TES.

The position of parliamentarian has evolved greatly this past year, as the Board has asked me to help pioneer greater responsibilities for the presiding officer. At their urging, I have created a parliamentary review of projects in progress, have acted as moderator on the Board List and helped define and streamline Board meeting policies. Yet there is still more to do.

It’s not my place to plot a course for TES, that’s for the voting officers you choose. The destination of TES is up to them, and thus- up to you. The job I want is to help them get there- wherever you decide “there” is.
This year, I wish to help induct a new Board into effective policy from the very beginning of their terms, helping set lasting precedents for behavior, comportment and expediency. New Board members mean new chemistry- and I believe that any new Board should learn to do their very best from the very beginning.

There is no time to waste.