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This has been a long, unpleasant few months. The job I had was draining my life, health and strength. I was a walking zombie for most of the summer, most systems shut down into a purely wretched survival groove, which had been deteriorating into a depressed spiral. All the ballast had been thrown overboard into just making it through to the next paycheck, and trying to make myself not give up.

I realize now there was a reason for all this- but not one I could have seen at the time. Coming back into the 9-5 world was a real blow to my pride for a while, and that pride needed to be ground down a bit before I would view an opportunity with any enthusiasm or gratitude- so Mother rubbed my nose in it for a while, until I thought I was going to crack. Then, aid came from an unexpected place- an aquaintance of mine from TES, stacina/bratticus_finch (check the friends list). recommended me to her boss for an opportunity coming up. I grabbed a chance to interview- and it looks like a great fit.

Problem solving, motivating and prioritizing people. A strongly social position, highly visible. A starting salary 12K better than the last office gig I had, and better benefits and health coverage than I’ve ever had. Great hours. Some travel. Even the commute rocks. I start Friday, Oct 1st. Fall has always been my best season, one way or another. I gave my notice in the shithole I was working in, and gave them two more 6 day weeks. Promptly, my best friend offered me a week long gig working in his office for nearly twice what I’d be making in The Hole, working in a comfortable office, with him.

I jumped at the chance… and stopped. I just could not do it. I wanted to. I hated these people, the life they were stealing from me, the way I felt phsically and emotionally at the end of the day, being treated the wayt I was, doing a filthy, no-=brainer job.

But they had not screwed me.

Despite all their other faults, they were honest and treated me pretty fairly. I had promised I’d work the two weeks. I said I would.

So I did. A very long two weeks they were- they worked me like a goddamn mule, so that they could get enough done that they would not have to hire someone immediately, but coast along until the zoo shipped them another chimp to do the job.

I’ve been out two days, and I already feel more like myself- enough so that I realize that I have not really “been here” for months.

To Stacina: Thank you for looking out for me. Sometimes I don’t even know when I have a friend.
To Mother: Thank you for the lesson. It sucked enough to humble me, and allow me to view an opportunity with enthusiasm and gratitude I never would have had three months ago.

To my Animal and my Twin, and the others whom I have disspeared from while they might have needed me:

If you needed me and I was not there, it was never that I did not care. It was only that I had nothing left to give, although that is no excuse.

I cry your pardon.

  • Your welcome πŸ™‚ and the best of luck to you in your new position

  • Welcome back. Your good news is welcome indeed. Congratulations! You deserve this trip on the Karma train!

    No need to explain your absence.
    You needed to tend your own garden and you did what you had to do.
    Once more you did it with honor and integrity. Which is just how you do things.
    Stacy so rocks doesn’t she? πŸ™‚
    You are in my thoughts friend, especially when I write an innuendo post!

    I’m looking forward to another year with you at the helm Mr Sulu, steady as she goes. See you tomorrow.

  • Welcome back, Punch. You are ever on my mind.


  • Welcome back Uncle.
    With Samhain around the corner it will be a happy New year indeed. πŸ™‚

    Hope to see you soon.

  • Wonderful news about the new job!

  • I’m very glad for you; good luck with the new job.

  • Despite being tied up in the events of the summer, you’ve still been there when it counted for me, and for that, I am thankful and grateful.

    May the fall be a time of rebuilding for all of us.

  • Really good news. I hope this new job turns out to be more than you’d hoped for.

  • Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like it will be a great fit and a wonderful step for you and everyone else in your life.

  • excellent news! wonderful news!

  • Realizing this is very late but I haven’t sat down to read any LJs in months. So congrats on the job πŸ™‚ Very good news indeed. I hope it is all you want it to be.