Holiday havoc

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Holiday To-Do list:

1. Married off my friend Critical Jeff Check.
(I don’t like her, but his options are slim. Until I locate the cute librarian with the heart of gold who wants to adopt a feral barbarian-urban-wolf-child, I’ll let her live.)

2. Pack life for upcoming move to Brooklyn

3. Arrange moving-day war party for Jan 15th
Beer and pizza bounty offered, I need to assemble an A- Team of friends to help me relocate, as well as a team of useful servant-types who would assist in the scrubdown/cleanup of the vacated apt.

4. Spend holidays with the animal’s familycheck
This went well- they are sweet people, who obviously do not know a thing about me, as they are welcoming and generous to a fault. They’ll learn.

5. Holiday gifts check
Saving every spare penny for the move, the occasional ambush-gift from unexpected places leaves me at a loss. All the animal’s gifts, and those for her family, went as planned (although one is in the shipping twilight zone.) If you have, for some perverse reason of your own, gotten me a gift and we do not traditionally exchange gifts, you are outta luck present-wise.

6. Prepare for my animal being gone for two weeks
You mean, I am going to have to find the remote myself?

7. Figure out a New Years Plan Of Action
My traditional New Years does not seem to be happening, so short of simply disavowing any acknowledgement of any passage of time, I’m uncertain of what to do.

So, my course is clear:
Head to TES to see Jack McG tonight. Productive? Hell no. But Jack is addressing one of the most consistently abused, misused and misunderstood aspects of Formal Kink, and does so brilliantly.
Of course I’m going.

  • YEA!!!!!

    I’ll see you there.
    Tone will be with me for an unexpected change of pace. 🙂

    (okay I begged but he actually said yes this time. *g*)

  • Look forward to seeing you there Flagg 🙂

  • Beaumont married? Good for him. I didn’t know you had the match making gene.
    I may have some time off that week in Jan but I’m gonna be possibly hip deep in my own move, but if I can I’ll be glad to help you.
    See you tonight.

  • i still can’t believe #1.

    • It’s the most awful thing that happened to us in 2004. The worst thing in 2005 will be going to the reception to celebrate it.

  • I now (barring any other commitments) am putting an offer on the table of a useful servant-type to help clean 🙂 (and whatever else I can physically do to help)

  • Go Brooklyn!

    What great news that even more quality leatherfolk are moving to New York’s kinkiest borough! Welcome!

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to help with the move on the 15th (I’ll be at MAL) but am happy to offer what services I can at a later date, should you require them.

  • Wish I could help 🙂

    Well if I were about 3000 miles closer I’d be happy to come help 🙂

    Good luck with the move!