Moving Day I – The Beginning

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Bear with me, I’m moving a lttle slow today (more on that later), but the most important things first:

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

People arrived early, and broke their respective backs for me and mine:
Aillecat and her little girl Phoenixstar21, Irishlass5383 and Matt, Edgykitten
Thudthwacker, and girlfriday79 all turned up, along with Princess Wendy, and a crew of longtime and faithful friends- Perfect Tommy and Mad Dog, (soon to star in the upcoming sitcom, “Mad Dog and Muffinbutt”), my best friend Danz, and the omnipresent Thud- more on Thud later.

My animal had been packing feversishly for three weeks, but there was just too much stuff. I swear I threw out an apt’s worth of detreitus over that time, but there was still enough for :

An emergency trip to get at least 10 more boxes by Girlfriday79 and Edgykitten
One (1) 10’ Ryder truck
One (1) Fullsize pickup (Courtesy of Perfect Tommy and Mad Dog)
Three (3) separate car trunks and assorted backseats.

This left over:
At least 1 carload (trunk and full backseat) of apt stuff.
I full storage unit
1 bookcase ( Which i will abndon to the Dark and Hungry Moving Gods if need be)
1 trip to The Bombay Company to pick up furniture.

As it was, the truck went back late- there was no time for second trips.
Out of the Bronx, and into Brooklyn, to the one flight walk up. One flight of stairs never looks so daunting as when you are carrying an air conditioner, or a box of books packed by someone who knew they would be halfway across the world when time came to move it.

Team A rolled out in trucks and cars, while team B struggled heroically
With the cleanup left in Sir’s apt. I’ll just say that it may not have been the Augean stables, but it was more than I would have been able to do on my own over a week. Of special note were Irishlass5383 on her hands and knees, scrubbing like Cinderella ( I was nominated Fairy Godmother- if that’s the case, Cinderella is fucked.) and Princess Wendy reacting with horror when I told her that the pitcher of iced coffee was just orange juice that had “been there awhile.”

Everyone worked really, really hard. I can’t thank them enough, execept Girlfriday79,who, by working hard on my behalf, was simply keeping me aware that she has her uses. ( A note- she was doing all this on NO sleep. She was, in fact, very useful- which may be the nicest thing I have to say about anyone, really.)

People had to drop off in drips and drabs, and Mad Dog and Perfect Tommy took the truck all the way back to the Bronx for me on top of everything else.

I am contantly overwhelmed by the generosity and loyalty of my friends. I am a creature of long relationships, and if I’m that floored by people I have known and loved for 15+ years, you can imagine how stunned I am by my more recent aquintances, who, for reasons understood only by them, decided that hard labor was a fine way to spend a Saturday.

I needed every one of you, and all of you offered more than I had any right to expect or deserve.

Thank you.

  • Lots of luck in your new home *hugs* wish I could have helped but I was out of town with my kids.

  • “She was, in fact, very useful- which may be the nicest thing I have to say about anyone, really.”

    Thank you, Sir 🙂

  • BTW, its lj user=”username” (within the tag)…. but I digress….

    It was an honor to be able to give you a hand like that… while I am not the most physically capable of the gods and thier minions assembled, I felt that I was able to return a favor you still have no idea that you did for me

    I know Shana enjoyed it even though she wasn’t feeling as well as she should have been either….

    Just a word to the last line…. you said “I am a creature of long relationships”, and one does not develop long relationships by not doing things to deserve the presence of those loyal to you as friends. So while you probably still have no right to expect, you do, and did deserve the help, anytime I personally can offer it.

  • Not “Team A,” cara frater

    If you’ve got an apartment full of shit to move, and no one else will help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire … the A-Team.

    If only Critical Jeff had shown up for the role of B.A. Baracus: “Mafooo! I ain’t ridin’ in no movin’ van!”

    • Re: Not “Team A,” cara frater


      I can only imagine. No, I’m sure he was running along the beach, hand in hand with Susan, as viewed through the misty lens of wishful thinking.

      He was useful for one thing. danz mentioned that I’d be paying karmic vig on this one for a long, long time, and he was planning on taking it out of my ass. Quickly, I pointed to the heavy box he was moving:

      “If Jeff were here, HE’d be carrying that box right now. That was HIS box.”

      The snarl turned far away, focusing balefully on an absent urban orang-outang, soon to feel the mighty justice of a ill-used Rivera.

      Better him than me, as I have always said.

  • I’m glad the move went well. There really is nothing in the world like friends who will help you move — I’ve always found it moving as well to see what my friends would do for me in my time of need (especially since I always seem to be moving in 100 degree summer heat).

    All the best to both of you in your new home!

  • Wish we were there.


  • Welcome to the neighborhood …

  • Glad you are moved, and S and i both wish you and yours much happiness in your new home.

    Also if you would feel comfortable enough we would like to send y’all a “home warming present”… but we will need your mailing addy.

  • Did Perfect Tommy ever live in California?

    Congrats on getting moved!

  • Congrats on getting moved 😉 Would have been happy to come help it we didn’t live so far away! May be in your area in May and would like to come by and say howdy it it does ya.

  • Sorry I coudn’t come chip in, I was helping my SO get her place in order. If you wanna use my car for the trip to get the left over stuff let me know.