• I struggled a bit to try to find something profound to say, but all that kept coming to mind was “Holy fucking shit”. I’m glad you are on the path to better health; you were missed.

  • I second that “holy shit” and raise it a “Daaaaaym.”

    I am glad you are alive and better than you have been. I am grateful you have your animal to watch over you. Being so far away and so far out of the loop I had no idea this was all going on. I mean, I remember hearing about the diabetic thing, but not the kidney failure thing nor the eye deflation/inflation thing.

    I will keep you and your animal in my healing meditations (which may sound pretty ‘woo-woo’ but for me it’s more logical than prayer for me. ::shrug::).

  • I am so glad to hear from you, I have been wondering how things were going. It sounds like you’ve been through hell and I applaud you and your animal for your strength to prevail. May whatever else you face pale by comparison.

  • *hugs* Oh hon….I had not realized HOW BAD it was when we talked. PLEASE call if you need anything and I will keep you in my healing thoughts as well

  • Wish I was nearby enough to be of use. (((HUGS)))

  • No words really to say that would cover it all, but i am very glad you are on your way back to good health.

  • I also wish I had something profound enough to say to cover all of this. I will simply second what everyone before me has said. I wish you continued improving health.

  • If I ever have to go through half of what you have been through this past year, I will give the world a new definition of what a whimpering crybaby looks like. Just reading all this makes me want to schedule a check-up. Which I really should; it has been about three years. And I know the blond RN really misses sticking her finger up my arse. She probably still remembers me – unless anyone else likes to ask her “are you flirting with me?” while she’s two knuckles deep in their ass.

    I ran into Sir C at Shibaricon in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend – it was very good to catch up w/her. She hinted that you had been having health issues, but I thought it was all just more of the usual. Had I or anyone else had any idea, we could have said “sweet jeebus monkeyfuck” to you in person. Or earlier, anyway.

    I’ve got many more questions for you, you syphilitic bastid. ahpook33 at hotmail dot com is still the place for writing to me. So what did the ER doctors make of your webbed toes or the symmetric rows of nipples on your back?

  • Wow. I don’t know you well, and I only heard vague references about what was going on with you over the last few months. I had no idea how bad it was, or how much you have been through. While I say I don’t know you, I do admire you and like you, and I wish you the best of health. I hope the upswing you’re into now continues until you feel like — and are — your old self. And you are indeed blessed to have your animal with you, proving long before any vows that she is with you through good times and in bad.

    I hope to see you soon and give you my good wishes in person.

  • Sorry you have suffered so much on your journey, but i am impressed – as i frequently am by you – that you were able to obtain something positive from this terrible challenge. Like Sue, you don’t know me well, but i have been very concerned about you over the last months with getting spotty reports, which i tried hard not to follow up on as it wasn’t my business. Thank you for your post. Obviously, if you need anything please request it and i will do my best to try to help. (damned influence … *smile*) You are a very strong and brave individual i respect and admire more each day, and i wish you health and happiness.

  • and here I was worried you were really, REALLY sick.

    I don’t have words to wrap around the reality.

    As always, my thoughts etc are with you and yours.