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1.~How did you meet angel320? TES- I overheard her being funny, in her dry, dry way. Arid, that one.
2.~What would you do if you had never met thudthwacker? There would be a hole in my life. An absurdly muscular shaped hole.
3.~What do you honestly think of catelynn? There’s more than one row of teeth when she smiles. But I like that.
4.~Would or did brehen and badfaggot go out? I REALLY doubt it.
5.~Have you ever liked phoenixstar21? Indeed I have.
6.~If hrhcourtney died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? That she is a good animal, and no one has ever made me happier.
7.~Would wolf_cub and kimidreams make a good couple? Yeah. Sort of. I can’t picture it, but it should work in theory.
8.~Describe aillecat in 3 words: “Leggo my eggo”
9.~Do you think boakamasterj is hot? Why does it keep asking me this?
10.~Would hrhcourtney and sweetcandymike make a lovely couple? Couple of what? Do you know something I don’t?
11.~What do you think of when you see badfaggot? I want his boot- thing. Or, at least, to have him do my boots.
12.~Tell me something humiliating about kimidreams: Heh. Too easy. (You can thank me later, Kimi)
13.~Do you know any of jd_trouble‘s family members? Nope.
14.~What’s eltreise‘s favorite color? Drunk
15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is girlfriday79? 8
16.~What would you do if girlonaroad just professed their undying love for you? be very startled
17.~What language does brehen speak? Treehugging faeriedustese
18.~Who is edgykitten going out with? She won’t tell anyone. He might be in prison.
19.~Is irishlass5383 a boy or a girl? All girl.
20.~Would lonewolf_w_cub and girlonaroad make a good couple? Not in any classical sense.
21.~Who do you think njlexi would be great with from this list? I would not fare to speculate
22.~When was the last time you talked to boakamasterj? Meet the Candidates night
23.~What is phoenixstar21‘s favorite band? Not a clue
24.~Does wolf_cub have any siblings? Don’t know- but I think she’s her Daddy’s only little girl.
25.~Would you ever date jd_trouble? Not bloody likely.
26.~Would you ever date aillecat? Even less likely… far too much woman for me by far
27.~Is njlexi single? I think so
28.~What is eltreise‘s last name? Ummm… Cuervo?
29.~What is lonewolf_w_cub‘s middle name? “That bastard”
30~What is catelynn‘s fantasy? Power
31.~Where does irishlass5383 live? in sin
32.~Would you make out with angel320? Wes would kill me. Or watch. Either way, it would be creepy with him there.
33.~Are thudthwacker and jd_trouble best friends? They have never met
34.~Does aillecat like eltreise? They, too, have never met.
35.~How did you meet lonewolf_w_cub? TES. That place sometimes does something right.
36.~Is boakamasterj older than you? I think so…
37.~Is sweetcandymike the sexiest person alive? Without question.

  • I have undying love for you. 🙂

  • you never met Jason’s brother? 🙂

  • God, I’m so turned on. Keep ignoring me; more, please, more.


  • Sweet talker.

  • ROFL – same here Merry…

    Query, this wouldn’t be objectification…is it degradation? not subjectification…hmmm…Emotional masochism? What would one call the kink where one is turned on by being ignored by Flagg?

    the fetish of Flaggellation denial?

    and does this lead one to seeing imaginary red balloons?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    • It’s the ecstasy of ego annihilation shudder

  • I really need to stop being such a lush. Alas, i doubt this will happen.