Made it back alive….

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Wow. Best trip ever.

We need to vacation where there is nothing to do- because I don’t think we slept for three days. It was a blur of neon, greed, sequins and gluttony. Oddly enough, I did not win my bonus fabulous wealth jackpot extravaganza with my quarter, but I was assured that it was simply an oversight, and that I’ll be mailed a check promptly.

Vegas is a complicated place and a hard place to find a little peace and quiet, but after three days of berzerko consumption with friends, my animal and I ended up watching the moon come up over the fountain show at the Bellagio from a cafe on the water – two hours of intimate quiet and beauty, for which I was profoundly grateful.

We are home, our cat endures, and the real world calls. But it was worth every dime. I’m glad to be home, but an looking forward to a next time.

Just – not too soon.