Dead things and extra teeth

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So, my stalker has resurfaced, here on LJ. She has “friended” me. Bleah. I think I shall neglect to return the favor. This fruitbat is the one who hears voices,and nearly drowned her offspring and attempted to move in with me at their behest… not mine.

Busy, busy voices.

Please, go away. If any of you know who she is, I must insist that you do NOT address her about it. She is beyond your help, and the best thing I can do is never engage her, never respond to her and not be brought to her attention. Any contact or mention is fitted into the erotomania, and woven into the fantasy framework of the “relationship” she believes exists. Even the most kindhearted of you, take heed: We are talking deeply crazy, beyond logic and well beyond your means to help her, unless you are a large and eternally renewable bottle of antipsychotic medications and an armed guard.

She is the living rebuttal to Ken’s recent LJ post. THAT’s why a friends list, pancho.

Later, a trip to wallow in the mud with some friends, then collect my animal, some food, and off to see Serenity. What more could one want?

Actually, there is a phenomenal answer to this question, courtesy of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere:

“What” asked Mr. Croup “Do you want?”
“What”asked the Marquis De Carabas, a little more rhetorically, “does anyone want?”
“Dead things.” suggested Mr. Vandemar “Extra teeth.”

  • You’re so mah-velously gruesome when you’re chipper!

  • Would this person try to bring you up in conversation with others? Would it be helpful for people to know who she is so that they know topics to avoid?

  • She is the living rebuttal to Ken’s recent LJ post. THAT’s why a friends list, pancho.

    I know where you are coming from.

    I have the psycho wife of a friend of mine not on my friends list but I have her banned from being able to leave any comments on my LJ. Even the rare public posts.

  • I’m not surprised (but I am. Only because i’m surprised that she isn’t bored yet) that after all these years she can continue the delusion.

    Stay tuned for the sudden e-mail picks up where she left off on the imaginary conversation that you’ve never been having for the last couple of years.


  • Answers:

    Boymeat: She’s never done that before- and there are a few people- good, kindhearted, protective people- on my friends list who might take it on themselves to address this because they have no experience with this kinda thing- so, best not to single her out, as I cannot vouch or account for the actions of others.

    Lili: No doubt the’ve been arriving already- but seeing as I have not checked that email address in over a year, I have not had the experience of finding these little nuggets of barking mad in over a year. My tyolerance for stark slavering buggo has dropped shrply from the wide net “Elvis” used to cast. Besides, my participation in her conversations with me has always, as you know, been strictly optional… but they just keep happening, long after I’ve opted out.

    • Re: Answers:

      Quite understood.

  • If it is the same one from last time…duly noted. I still have copies of her conversations at me filed away somewhere.

    “I remember there was a time when dead and buried meant just that…underneath the cold hard ground things stay PUT!”…