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After a couple of bad weeks ( I was prescribed a damn stupid medication during my last trip to the hospital and have been slogging my way through the complications) I am finally doing better… and nothing makes me feel better than making a little money. (Well, a few things- but not many).

Tonight was my second professional consulting seminar. I addressed the ladies of Rapture ( http://www.rapturenyc.com/ ); essentialy acting as a “Dominance Consultant”. Not just a paying seminar ( I’ve been doing those successfully at Purple Passion for months now)but lodging myself on the Pro-Domme food chain where my kink demands I belong- with them giving me money. They invited in a few friends from other Houses, so I hope to be addressing other pros as word spreads. At the end of the night, the manager confirmed wanting to book me for five more. Apparently they are really getting some benifit out of it.

This week is a good one for me to be feeling better- today I taught there, thursday I am part of a panel/demo for the TES Queer sig, friday I am teaching conditioning at DSF, and Saturday I do another paying seminar at Purple Passion. If only these were all paying gigs, I could make a living at this.

:crosses fingers:

This is all a really good outlet for some drives of mine that used to be less productive, or even cause me trouble (“Oh, Elvis!”). I love public speaking, and I love being good at it- I want to do some of the national circuit soon, but my health issues complicate it.

Eventually. Eventually.

  • Damn it.

    Swear on my grave–about 2 weeks ago I turned to N. and said, “I think something is wrong with Flagg and hasn’t been right for a bit.” He asked me if I talked to you and I said that it was just my Spidey-sense that had been going for awhile.

    I need to trust my instincts better.

    Glad to hear you are on the upswing and you are taking your rightful place. 😉

  • It’s wonderful that you are starting to regain health and that you are feeling improved. My, that is quite a busy week. i am hoping to be at the class on Thursday, scheduling permitting.

    i hope that your health reaches a level where you are confident enough in its consistancy to go on the national circuit. The scene would be enriched.

  • I would rather shove flaming bamboo under my fingernails than speak in public.

    thursday I am part of a panel/demo for the TES Queer sig

    What is your contribution?

    It’s good to hear you’re doing better.

    • Thud…

      I’m presenting on kicking and boot impact play… probably on Wolf_cub, with the Lone Wolf’s blessing.

  • Yay, Sir!

  • Glad to here you are doing better.
    I hope that I will get to see you when I’m in NY this weekend.
    Maybe at TES or something like that?

    May I email you Uncle?

    • Of course you can.

      By the way- I’m BoD on duty when you are presenting on ageplay up here.

      • Re: Of course you can.


        Was hoping you would be!
        I’ll email you when I get home from the ‘cube farm’.

      • Re: Of course you can.

        what is the date of that, I might have Dillon, and its the only meeting I’d even consider going to to.

  • Why am I not surprised…

    that you’d be at the top of the fem-dom foodchain with them paying YOU money!

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  • Glad you’re doing better…you have been missed

  • Grrr. Maybe next time you’ll file a complaint against the doctor instead of slogging through the complications on your own.

    I could be at home eating bon-bons from the settlement you would have gotten. 🙂

  • I’m glad you hear you are feeling on the mend 🙂 Very good stuff indeed. You were missed.

  • Tis the season for – health issues? Ugh.

    I’m glad to read that you’re improved, and that workflow/teaching fun is improving.

  • i knew something was up…

    Glad that it is passing and your energies are improving. Tis that time of year where the leaves turn and one can hear the rustle of your wings in them…present is boxed and should be on its way on Friday.

    : )