• SO – I took a look at the link you posted. I stopped reading them pretty quickly. If I kept reading them, I think I would have to commit suicide. They’re just too raw. Guess I’m a wuss after all.

    • Wow.

      That shows a drastic difference in how we process… i find most of them funny, and charmingly disturbing. Like a rorscharch test, too, some- like the one i posted- seem significant and meaningful.


      • Re: Wow.

        That shows a drastic difference in how we process…

        and this surprises you? 😉

  • Seeing work like that makes me ache that I could do the same. Fantastic stuff.

      • That one was just kinda wierd silly, for me.

        Too many of them though, really draw me in way too intensely. I’m not sayin’ they’re not great art – actually, they are – to have that effect. But yeah – too many of them hit raw nerves. Reading them is like a really intense scene. Sometimes that’s good – but it’s good to have the dom around as backup, making sure you come back out. I could see these drawing me in and just never coming back out.

        • Regardless if I “like” a piece or not, I’m always impressed with art that causes me to feel something–even if it is striking an uncomfortable nerve.

          I think maybe I like them because I’m jealous of how uncomfortable they make me. It’s something that I want to strive for with my photography, but I am a long way off from reaching it yet.

  • That’s absolutely brilliant. You have a knack for finding the lows and highs on the www.

  • That was great. I just lost like an hour of work looking at that (and so did my coworkers). Thanks for posting that.

  • lovely

  • ah, the coverletters are priceless… through the long exhausting job search, I started writing cover letters just to entertain myself.

  • They tickle.

  • raw – like sushi

    My personal favorite was: http://www.asofterworld.com/soft_apr1_2005.htm

    Some of them were very raw – some funny – and some disturbing, like the barbie doll one…

    Thank you Flagg!

  • This is amazing!