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I have some of the most amazing friends on the face of the fucking earth.  If anybody knew how much support and strength these charming sociopaths actually have to offer, they’d be as poleaxed as I often am. I’ve had people coming into my apartment to take care of my cat for two weeks, servants assigned to work in my absence, people put at my disposal for TES Fest, the scheduling for my entire volunteer staff handled while I was hospitalized, people calling to check in, a cell phone and it’s service supplied so I would never be without, servants who feel I am worthy of service despite my condition, the list goes on. These people really care– and the names on the list would probably shock some folks. Some of them are hard– but they take care of me as one of their own, like pack, like family.

I am so fucking lucky, it’s overwhelming.

  • sometimes… you find family in the strangest of places…

  • I am so glad you had and have so much support. Take care of yourself and looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Amazing things happen to amazing people

  • “I am so fucking lucky, it’s overwhelming.”

    I SO know that feeling …
    and as far as I’m concerned,
    you deserve every bit of what you have received.

  • While luck may play into it, this is often a reflection of character of the recipient. i very glad to hear you have a proactive support structure, and are receiving such good care.

  • It’s because you ARE family to some of us.
    If there are still some holes that need filling you know I am there.
    Was just waiting to offer in person.
    Silly me. *chuckle*

  • I’m very glad to help Flagg. 🙂

  • not only are you family/pack to quite a few ….but you inspire that feeling in those you come in contact with. There are a number of us out of the loop/area who feel that pull but are unable to assist due to that darn lack of genie powers-so you can probably increase that list by at least double.

    For all that you are and all that you do…you are more than worthy.

  • I don’t know that I am fortunate enough to call you family, but I think and hope I can call you friend…and have to agree with bellaland that at least one more out here would like to assist and are simply too far away to do so.