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Back from The Fest. Wow.

It’s still going on as I write this, which means that there is always a chance for something to go awry, but I think it should be OK. I have a great staff, well briefed, and Ken, Tatsumi and Kimiko overseeing how it all goes down. Even if something does go amiss at the last minute, it’s nice to know that there is a decisive, competent crew to handle things. I just hope they get a while to sleep and play. What I attended, and what I left, was a well run, smahingly successful event where a lot of people were really coming through when given their chance to shine. There are, iof course, a scattered handful of fucktards; but that’s inevitable. 

As for me, the experience was universally positive. It felt good to be active and dynamic again, and my metabolism was able to meet the challenge. My blood sugar stayed low and controlled the entire time, allowing me to work longer hours than I had initially estimated- and that felt good. I was responsible for DM Saftey for the event, and working in close tandem with Ken  Soulhuntre’s security staff. It’s a vital function, and it felt good to be part of it all, to be running things again and working with people I respect.

My seminars were very successful. I gave four: Interrogation, Mindfucks, Humiliation and Hypnosis… and they all went smashingly, the feedback was great and the turnout was unbelievable. In the two smaller classrooms, people were being turned away after each room went to SRO – about 50 people. In the larger rooms, the headcount was between 60 and 70. I was floored- I have never had crowds of that size, I have been told that people were turning up 45 minutes early to the later seminars to try and get a seat. I am, obviously, suitably smug.

I was surrounded and supported by pack for this entire event. My oldest friend was in attendance, half bodyguard, half shadow, traveling back and forth from Queens to be there, watching my back and helping me out at every turn. Ken was always there working with me, making sure I was attended, safe, not having to walk far or want for anything at all; and his girl Tatsumi continued her role as capable, dynamic intellegent right-hand… an unofficial Vice Chair, doing all the work of the post while seeking none of the credit. The girl was a wonder. The presence of Lonewolf, though not in attendance, was felt just as strongly- he directed Sparkytheboi to attend me and so he did, with an intellegence, competence and dedication that one just does not see often enough. I have also heard great feedback about Sparky’s classes, which seems to be part of the compelling evidence that he is one smart sonafabitch. At the same time, Wolf_cub was in my home in Brooklyn, making sure my bastard cat did not hang himself and improving my quality of life by leaps and bounds, taking the initiative to clean, organize and catalog in ways I desperately needed and have been unable to do. There is a difference between simple service and intellegent, diligent and proactive service, and Tatsumi, Sparky and Wolf_cub defined it. I was introduced to Mia, a servant of Soviegn House’ John Vale, who’se hypnosis class I covered at the last minute- and she was a perfect subject for the demo, giving me the chance to put someone under in front of a crowd for the first time – someone I did not know and had never put under before.  She was so relived that it all went well that she burst into tears when it was  over- and I nearly joined her. It was nerve- wracking to do for the first time in front of a national crowd of that size.

I saw Ops, Programming, Special Events and Customer Service working their guts out, Jeff running himself ragged to keep the whole event on target- and I saw no one stumble. What an incredible crew, and incredible management. I am so goddamn impressed, and so glad to have been a part of it.

I wish I had not had to leave. Here’s hoping the last day goes as well as the first few.


  • My seminars were very successful. I gave four: Interrogation, Mindfucks, Humiliation and Hypnosis…

    Missing your seminars is what I regret most about not being at TES Fest. I’m glad the turnout was so gratifying.

  • What positive feedback you got you deserved; the class I was able to catch was outstanding. As for the rest, well – we are known by the company we keep, no?

  • I heard raving reviews as well about your classes. In fact, I just heard one, and I’m home. “His humiliation class was the best single class I went to, and I went to a lot of classes” was said to me just now by an attendee.
    I’m glad you got out to the event and that I got a chance to see you. You definitely rock.

  • I also heard raves about your classes – which didn’t surprise me a bit. You are an excellent speaker and presenter.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. I worried about how you were doing, but you obviously had an incredible support system to get you through it.

    And as someone who had the opportunity to regularly bother Tatsumi and Kimiko on the radio with questions, I agree that they were amazing.

  • I’m glad I eased your concerns about the one event you were worried about. If you haven’t already, wait ’till you hear about VolleyCock.