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You had your chance.

Lots of people are concerned about 007’s candidacy. Lots of people are very upset, some even threatening to leave TES if he is elected. 

None of these people spoke up at Meet the Candidates, when it would have been appropriate.

All I can conjecture is that it was not so vital after all.

I have no public opinion about 007’s candidacy. If he is elected, I’ll work with him. If he is not, it’s not an issue. But what I will not allow are any last minute attempts to subvert the process. You don’t feel someone is suitable for a position? That’s what an election determines. I’ve heard about some people who feel so strongly about all this they think that a subversion of the process is somehow appropriate. They are wrong. The process, and the precedents set and allowed, is far more important. I am not going to allow any 11th hour bullshit. The election stays clean- and you get who you vote for.

“How can you let this happen? Everybody knows… the BoD has been told informally many times! people have told other people, who have said something! but the Board takes no formal action!”


You want formal action– you make a formal complaint. Informal statements result in informal action, as simple as that. Otherwise, we have a BoD that starts taking formal action, abriging the priveliges or even the membership of TES members based on hearsay and gossip. Do you really want that?

I’m sorry to say, but it takes balls. You can’t stand in the shadows and whine about your feelings and wait for action. You can’t tell your friends and wait for something to happen, no matter how upset you are, 

If it’s that bad, stand up and say so. If you don’t, then it’s not that bad. The election process will move forward, and I will not let it be subverted.