Bullet Points

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I have a few things I’d like to say, but I don’t want to get lost in the staggering pile of posts in some of these forums. These things are all pretty simple and straightforward, and posting them here, although they may not reach as many people, should be able to stand alone- at least for a little while- from the endless curtain calls from the drama queens, the malicious and misinformed rabble rousing of the discontented dispossessed, the name calling, the hysterics, the accusations and the knee jerk mouth foaming. On the other hand, there are some things that have annoyed me so much, I’m sorely temped to leap into the mud and foul myself right along with all the other swine. So I’ll state some things here- both fact and opinion. You should easily be able to tell them apart.

I hope.

  • I hate when people I don’t like have points I agree with, or when people I agree with express themselves so poorly I want to distance myself from their arguments anyway.
  • The more often you post, the less you are likely to be saying.
  • Some people have started saying that this is the return of “The bad old days of the Board”. These people don’t attend BoD meetings. It’s not the BoD doing this crap- it’s the membership. The BoD went about the business of running the organization and planning for it’s future. It may be the only place in TES right now where nobody is treating anybody else poorly, for all I can tell.
  • People are accountable for their own behavior. The moment you say “X did this, so I did Y” as an excuse is the moment you are officially full of shit.
  • Free speech has a cost, even here.
  • “Slander” has a legal definition. Stating your opinion of someone, no matter how unflattering, is not slander.
  • “Predator” is a heavy word, used for someone/ something which intends injury or harm.
  • Your feelings are not sacred.
  • I’ve watched a candidate in a previous election lie baldfaced and blatently, to the membership- and no fuss was raised at all. But this guy decides to run, and the sky is falling. 
  • A lot of people are shooting their cause in the foot.
  • I am sorry that some people confused asking a BoD member to address a situation with making a cormal complaint to the Board itself. One is a band- aid, the other possible surgery. But really- what did you expect to happen if you whisper? A member to be booted or have his priveliges to be restricted on one possibly anonymous complaint?
  • Your armchair psychiatry is worse than useless.
  • The board is a changing body. The Board last year is different from the Board before that, or five years ago, or ten, or next month.
  • For christ’s sake, shut the hell up already. It was all in your head, and it’s only getting bigger as you fondle it, over and over.
  • Your being unhappy does not mean other people are villians.
  • People are going to say unpleasant things during elections. Live with it.  Unpleasant facts are not slander, provided they are actually facts.
  • A Board Member is not the Board. The only announcements from the Board come from the Secretary.
  • To become a Board Member is a responsibility, but does not sacrifice your right to an opinion.
  • You lost, and no-one wants to work with you. That’s not a conspiracy- it’s your own doing.
  • It is not ethically wrong to urge people to vote for or against someone. It’s the way elections happen.
  • Intentionally misinterpreting people is not nearly as clever as you seem to think. Really.
  • There is an awful lot of finger pointing and conspiracy theory bubbling up. Look at the sources, and their motivations.
  • If it’s not important enough to take action, it’s not that important, is it?
  • I am genuinely embarrassed by the directions this has taken among the membership.
  • I am proud of this Board, the job they’ve done, and the precedents they’ve set. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you should pay more attention.
  • Look at yourselves, you monkeys. If you see yourself as a crusading voice for right, odds are very, very good you are kidding yourself.