Welcome to the Monkey House

In The Doubtful Guest by flagg2 Comments

I’m about to check back into the hospital, so I wanted to mention some things…

I am not going to be around, in all realistic estimation, for the TES Elections, nor the transition BoD meeting. I will, however, be reachable by cell phone and wish to stay in touch for these events. If at all possible, I am going to seek a way to meet with the incoming BoD, so as to set things off right. All BoD memebers will be given my contact info.

So- a note to the incoming BoD, whoever they may be:

Trust the sitting Board, and listen to them- not about your votes, but about how things run.

Keep an eye out for how systems can be improved, but watch out for re-inventing the wheel. Find out if the Bright New Idea has been tried before, and why it failed.

The things you do have consequence and set precedent- consider those precedents carefully.

Pay attention to the Bylaws and Standing Rules. They matter.

“First rule of leadership, Princess: Everything is your fault.”

 People see the Board as a continuous body, blurring back to the dusty past. Strive to distance yourself- to distinguish yourself- from the boards of the past. We have started to set precedents, to set a higher standard. Keep fighting for it.

Emeritus may have advice for you, but not authority- and you’ll have to make up your mind about the advice on your own.

You are part of a machine now, a device which, when it works, moves TES forward as a whole. If you are slowing the machine, make damn sure you have a good reason why.

The sound of your own voice only sounds that sweet to you.

Get your written reports in early, read the minutes in advance and bring notes regarding corrections to the table. The only way to have time for new business is not to waste it.

When the table debates, take notes until you speak, as you may only get to speak once.

If there is not going to be a motion; if there is no business to conductsave the debate for away from the table. BoD business is conucted year round, the table is the time to enact descisons- not yammmer about them. You have a Board list and a telephone. Use them. Extensively.

There is no reason to repeat yourself, or anybody else. Say it once.
Just because someone brought it up does not mean it’s time to argue about it. Stay focused.

be patient with your other BoD members- they are being patient with you. But do not confuse a person with the job they do- or are not doing. 

Any job worth doing is worth doing well. Volunteerism does not excuse incompetence.

If you want to support another BoD member’s position, say so concisely- don’t re-explain the position to hear it from your own mouth; we heard it the first time. Just show support with your vote.

If you want to oppose another BoD member’s position, do so once. Do not try to repeat yourself until people agree with you, that’s like talking louder and slower to someone who does not speak english.
just state your position with your vote.

Your first year is tough.  (So are the rest, but you get used to it.)

If you don’t know why you are here, quit now. “I dunno” and “I had nothing better to do” are not adequate reasons to run for a  seat as a TES officer.

Own your projects, and do your  share.

Play fair. Play nice. Behave yourselves, or whan I come back, the monkey house is gonna be a bad place to be.