2:00 AM and counting…

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“Yoo Hoo, hairdresser!”


  • Oh my! Would you like some ear plugs in a care package?

    i know how crazy having to deal with someone like that can make a person. When i was young and rooming with my utterly insane grandmother, i really though one of us was going to be put out of our misery. Ear plugs were the only thing that saved her.

  • Sir, there aren’t many people I would help hide a body. You know that I would do it for you, don’t you, Sir?

    I already checked out the security setup and the guard in the lobby (he is easily distractable, by the way) watches a live feed off multiple cameras on a single monitor. He might notice movement in a hallway, but there are no cameras in the rooms, just FYI, Sir.

    Warm regards, always.