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So, as the cherry atop an utterly sucking Monday, my cell phone was destroyed.

This has a number of ramifications:

The one way I had established to be reached at with any continuity has been eliminated.

The way I had to call out- and my phone book- is gone.

The fine folk at Cobble Hill have a phone in my room, but no-one seems to know the number or extension, and there is a strong possibility that incoming calls sent to room 117B are being sent someplace else.

So-I am incommunicado. I have a few numbers, but don’t assume yours is one of them. I am hoping that contacting someone with caller ID will help me determine what my number actually is.


“‘Yoo Hoo!”

  • That sucks… I have an extra smart phone with free service I’m not paying for at the moment. Do you want that? It can also be hooked up to a laptop for internet access…

    • ummm…

      God, yes.

      Thank you SO much. Do you have my address here yet?

      • Re: ummm…

        Yes, umm I saw you there yesterday with Eileen…

        I’ll stop by and drop it off later tonight or tomorrow after noon, which works better for you?

  • I have caller ID. Feel free to call me any time. 864-845-8816

  • I am sure someone will be able to get you a cell phone. They are easy to come by. I’d post you one myself but I suspect the logistics of sending mobiles internationally are even more excrutiating than attempting to send kinder eggs.

    I will include my mobile number in the package I am sending (you’re in luck, I am posting it tomorrow so I can still make additions) and then you just need someone to get you a package that can at least text internationally. Then those 2am moments when all your friends are asleep suddenly gain someone you can be pretty sure will be awake and available as the Earth is round and I get up quite early beause of my current training programme and needing to be on call for the contract of which that training is part.

    This is a minor inconvenience that will be swiftly resolved.