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A recent trip to Coney Island stirred up some memories, and redhead_sue helped bring them back it into focus- thank you, Sue.

Coney is special to me, as it’s special to a lot of people- but what is fascinating is that it seems different to each person, that every person touched by it bears away a distinct mark. It’s a cotton candy and splintered boardwalk rorcharch test. 

I had written about it in my weblog Innuendo, a more personal and revealing take than what I tend to post here. For the curious:

“We stepped off the subway and my animal got one good look at it sprawled out in front of us in all it’s gaudy spread, like a faded movie star, whoring on a backalley matress…”

  • Great Whirlpool of Joy…

    My personal memories include Nathan’s of course and riding the Wonder Wheel where the cart would swing out and right below you was “Hell Hole” – it made a large impression on my little 7 yo mind. *S*

    some interesting vids from the early 1900s – 1950s

    …we’ve got the show, if you’ve got the dime…

    and OMG – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF2jNSTdX1w