• Lou Reed Indeed…

    In the best thing to come out of 70’s media, a lost gem called Rock and Rule, with Lou as the jaggeresque rockstar/despot Mok, and featuring Debbie Harry and all of Cheap Trick as Our Intrepid Heroes.

    Great flick, near impossible to find- but there are great clips on YouTube.

  • Better than Heavy Metal?

    • Ye Gods, yes.

      ‘Course, Heavy Metal left me flat. But I was younger, and it has been many years… I might need to see HM again to be certain, but I think R &R was better in a lot of ways.

  • You can sing or you can SCREAM!!!

    It is so sad to think that there is a whole generation that has missed this gem.

    I have a bad copy taped from Night Flight 20 odd years ago – that and Wizards and Forbidden Zone…

    Thank you for sharing, it made my morning.



  • oh…and don’t forget…

    Iggy Pop was also in the cast…