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I am content.


I spent the day celebrating my 40th annum with a group of fifteen of the best people I know. Every person there was someone I hold in high regard, ranging from my oldest friend to some I barely really know- but they have my respect, an I value their company.


No losers, no whiners, no wet blankets. A lot of collected wit, brainpower, sincerity and heart. I looked down one end of the table at one point, and saw the four smartest people I know sitting together; I realized that I should have prepared for this eventuality and had them plan a bank job.


One of the things I valued most was the fact that the subgroups of people involved integrated well. Although people (naturally) clustered in conversational knots based on common ground and comfort, the people from my scene world and those from other parts of my life integrated beautifully. No knots of strangers staring balefully at the outsiders, Jets and Sharks at the dance; everyone just was and had a great chanve to appreciate everyone else.


The most gratifying element for me wqas being in the center of it. Not as a focus of attention, but of a gathering of people who are far more of a family to me than my family ever has been. Being in that warm knot of brilliant, wonderful people is a Norman Rockwell moment for me; the place where I feel the most safe and connected. The family I have built is far more home to me than the family I was raised by and escaped from.


Thank you for being there, all of you. It meant more than you know.

  • Happy birthday.

  • It was an honor to be counted among those invited. Wish I could have been a bit more energetic, but the allergy-induced plague slowed me down a bit. Nothing could have kept me away yesterday, though.

    Your friends are great! Hooray for smoking buddies and an awesome conversation about Star Trek memorabilia.

    ..and seeing you walk again, even if it was just a few steps from the car, was just awe-inspiring… brought a tear to me eye.

    Thank you for making me a part of that special gathering, it really meant a lot to me.

  • how spiffy!

    This decade is going to be SOOO much better than the last one!


  • Happy birthday!

  • Truly, it was great to see you, and to see you lookin’ s’damn good. I don’t believe I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing someone who can come through so much shit and still, if you’ll pardon me, stand tall, with back unbent and eyes unclouded.

    • You should see me…

      when I’m not hopprd up on booze, mescaline, ether and a handful of reds bennies, screamers, laughers and six twinkies dipped in fomaldehyde.

      Bad craziness.