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“The Dragon Lives Again” from 1977

Bruce goes to hell after he dies and, assisted by Popeye the Sailor and The One Armed Boxer, battles against James Bond, Dracula, Clint Eastwood, Zatoichi, The Godfather, The Exorcist, and Emanuelle!

  • You win the internets. Its a fact.

    Holy crap, now I have to spend my July 4th trying to find the rest of that film.

    • “The Dragon Lives Again” from 1977

      “This film is dedicated to millions who love Bruce Lee”

      Any time a film opens with a dedication featuring improper grammar, you know you are in for a good time. Let me start off by simply stating everything you have heard about this movie is true! Bruce Lee goes to hell? Yup! Bruce fights James Bond and Dracula? Yup! Bruce befriends low rent versions of the One Armed Swordsman and Popeye? You betcha! All that and more can be found in what can only be described as one of the wackiest kung fu movies of all time.

      The plot is pretty simple: Bruce Lee arrives in Hell and immediately gets on the bad side of the King of Hell. Seems all the women in Hell know about Bruce’s legendary prowess in bed and want to play with his nunchaku. This irritates the King, whose wife even digs Bruce, so he sends his henchmen to get Bruce. Did I mention that the King’s group of ragtag thugs includes James Bond, Dracula, Zatoichi, the Man with No Name, The Godfather, The Exorcist and Emanuelle? If that weren’t enough, Bruce Lee receives help in the form of the One Armed Swordsman, Caine from KUNG FU and Popeye! Yes, Popeye complete with his corncob pipe, can of spinach and theme song. Copyrights be damned! It is like LXG budgeted on the return value of a soda pop can (and more entertaining to boot). Of course, even in Hell Bruce is Bruce so he defeats everyone and everything thrown at him with a variety of styles creatively titled Fist of Fury, The Big Boss, Game of Death, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and Bruce’s Third Leg. What? Well, to use the old adage, you have to see it to believe it…

  • I can’t stop staring at Popeye’s dusty ass.

    By the by, I was very glad to see you at FSE, although I didn’t have the chance to say hello.

    • I guess I sort of stood out…..

      .. so to speak.

      Hopefully, we can talk next time. I’d like that.

      I’ll be around soon.

  • Please take it as a truly-felt compliment When I say: you are the Grand Duke of All that is Strange and Disturbing.