Another Step Closer

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Got word back from my cardiologist: I have a transplant green light. All my tests, even the unexpected ones, came back good enough to proceed.

He’ll send the report to Rogosin- 24, maybe 48 hours. Rogosin starts scheduling tests on the Swamp Witch, which brings her north to stay awhile. Meantime, I’ve started to make headway on getting a home attendant and desperately needed physical therapy. Sklow gears, turning on ancient and creaking beauraucratic axles.

But it’s movement, nonetheless.

  • This, right here, is fantastic news.

  • This is most excellent to read.

  • Congratulations!

    and thank you so much for keeping us updated!

  • Great news!

    If you need help wrangling with your insurance, let me know!

  • Whoa! So did it happen? Hooray! I hope you have a speedy recovery.